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Mehendi Art

The tradition of making elaborate designs on hands and legs using mehendi, also known as henna, goes back to times immemorial, and is an integral part of the Indian culture. The dark rusty colour of Mehendi is regarded to be auspicious, and used by women of various religions during marriage as well as religious and traditional celebrations.

The use of mehendi by women isn't limited within India. Decorating limbs with ornate and unique designs of mehendi is also practiced and very popular in some other countries of South Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Though the designs often overlap, yet there are quite a few distinct styles of applying mehendi, for example Indian, Arabic and Moroccan.

Indian style of applying mehendi : The Indian style is well known for detailed and complex designs. A dot or a symbolical sun is often designed in the middle of the palm. The design extends from fingertips and continues to cover the full-length of the forearm. The fingertips are fully covered/coloured with mehendi.

Arabic style of applying Mehendi: The Arabic style of applying mehendi has recently gained popularity. In this style, several floral patterns are used. But the Arabic designs are less complex and detailed, and often retain much empty space in between the motifs.

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