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Party Makeups


Makeup is often regarded as a fascinating art, but the science behind it is equally interesting. All women, irrespective of their age, skin tone, physical attributes, professions and personalities, like to apply makeup to some extent. To look more feminine, attractive and desirable is one of our primal urges, and the art of makeup is a tool to achieve the same. A good makeup helps us to feel young and confident, as well as boosts up our self image.

It has been noted that wearing the correct makeup in a professional environment helps in changing perceptions about the individual.

Makeups can range from being light and natural to heavy and dramatic. If you feel good within yourself, it will be reflected in your words and actions.

At Atry's we help you select the right makeup that will enhance your natural looks and make your feel positive. Whether it is a job interview, a kitty party or an official function – get yourself the correct makeup and confidently head for the show to bedazzle everyone !

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